Ben Washburn

Ben Washburn

Real Estate Associate

Ben is excited to work with his relationships and network by returning to his passion for commercial real estate and building a team with his associates at Sage Capital Real Estate Investments which began in March 2023 while being focused on property leasing and sales, investment strategy, market research, and consulting.

Ben has a background in the financial services field from the banking, title insurance, escrow settlement, start-up investor relations and commercial real estate industry. Ben is known by his peers and professional network for sales, marketing, new business development, leadership, real estate, and entrepreneurship skills. Ben has spent most of his career in the regions of Greater Des Moines, Iowa, Greater Denver, Colorado, and Greater Omaha, Nebraska.

He enjoys time with friends and family, golfing, watching sports, being outside, and skiing on water and snow every chance he can. Ben loves to read, write, follow current events, politics, policy, and community, and believes in the power of mentorship and business mentoring and is a published author.

• Transactionally, Ben has successfully placed millions of dollars in transactional volume in the start-up world while also receiving a healthy valuation for his startup.
• Funded and Escrow Settlements of more than $100MM+
• Abstracting and Title Insurance work on 19 land parcels, a $1 Billion real estate refinance transaction, the largest class transaction in the State of Iowa at the time.
• Forty under 40
• UNO Entrepreneurship Program Panel Judge

“Leadership thrives in challenging times and listening to clients is the key to success. By utilizing my experience, individual solutions can then be provided to meet the needs of each client.” – Ben Washburn.